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Richard Farrell, My Guardian, Gardener and Keeper, fotograf Rosamai Liliet
Richard Farrell, Rørvig Strand, fotograf Rosamai Liliet





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A Bit More About Richard Farrell

Richard has been walking the path of music, playing extensively in Ireland until his departure to Denmark in 2015. Since then he has won 3 Danish Music Awards for Blues.


Richard has been writing, recording and singing for musicians and producers from all around the world under his own name and under the moniker, J Fitz. He has released songs through Universal Music, Deepvisionz Recordings and MoodFunk Records and had highly successful releases with his collaborations, some tracks have streams over 10 million on Youtube and Spotify.


Richard is very open in his approach to music. His foundation is in folk, soul and blues and his journey has also led him to more modern sounds including house and electronica.

Richard Farrell released his EP, 'Violet Fire', in the spring of 2022. This EP is followed by his 2nd album, 'Bathing In Cold Water'. This is his 2nd solo album since his debut album, 'Light at Sea', in 2012.


'Bathing In Cold Water' has a folk, blues and jazz foundation spiced with lots of soul. Richard plays with some of Denmark’s finest musician on his new LP;

Lars Emil Riis Madsen on keys, Spencer Gross on double bass and Lars Heiberg Andersen on drums.

2023 and 2024 will bring lots more collaborations and more music from his own catalogue, Trainman Blues and his folk project, Buds.


Stay tuned for more music coming your way!


Selected, Quotes From The Media

Hot Press Magazine (Ireland)
“(...) groove, charisma and authenticity"

"(...) chillingly aching vocals and gorgeous songwriting skills"


Soul Bag Magazine (France)

"This record lives. Oh, it's not a quiet river keel! Rather, a torrent of thwarted emotions made up of doubts, wanderings and storms. Moments of calm and rays of light too"



Phonograph Me (Portugal)

"Richard Farrell's deep and ever so engaging voice, charming and very charismatic"



Naga Mag (Greece)
"Beautiful voice, accompanied with amazing jazz vibes"


Selected, Record Releases

  • 2008 - History of Harry: Trainman (Artist/Songwriter/Producer)

  • 2012 - Richard Farrell and the Last Tribe: Lights at Sea (Artist/Songwriter/Producer)

  • 2017 - Matthew Raetzel (Feat. Richard Farrell): This Is War (Vocalist)

  • 2018 - Trainman Blues: Trainman Blues (Artist/Songwriter) (Krudtmejer)

  • 2018 - Cape Cod: Echoes (Songwriter/Vocalist)

  • 2019 - Cornbread Project: Catawampus - Autumn Shakedown (Artist/Songwriter)

  • 2020 - Liu / Fish House / J Fitz: Blue Sky (Vocalist/Songwriter) (Universal Music)

  • 2020 - Bruno Lewis: Longtime Coming / Another Heartbreaking / Broken Divine (Vocalist/Harmony/Arrangements)

  • 2020 - Földes / Kim Carrell / J Fitz: Further Down the Road (Vocalist/Songwriter) (Hexagon)

  • 2021 - Trainman Blues: Shapes and Shadows (Artist/Songwriter) (Krudtmejer)

  • 2021 - Buds: Buds (Artist/Songwriter/Producer)

  • 2021 - Samwell / J Fitz - Very Soon (Vocalist/Songwriter)

  • 2021 - Richard Farrell - Ain’t Looking Back (Artist/Songwriter/Producer) (Artlist Original)

  • 2021 - Betty Boom feat. J Fitz - Puttin’ On The Ritz (Vocalist) (Electro Swing Thing)

  • 2021 - Cassimm feat. Richard Farrell - I’m Talking To You (Vocalist/Songwriter) (DeepVisionz Records)

  • 2021 - Maduk feat. J Fitz - Our Love Will Grow (Vocalist/Songwriter) (Liquidity Records)

  • 2022 - Richard Farrell: Violet Fire (Artist/Songwriter/Producer) (Miaow Records)

  • 2022 - Richard Farrell: Open Our Hearts (Artist/Songwriter/Producer) (Artlist Original)

  • 2022 - Trainman Blues: Live At The Station (Vocalist/Songwriter) (Krudtmejer)

  • 2022 - Janus Lauvring / J Fitz - Groove Maker - (Vocalist/Songwriter) (Asle Music)

  • 2022 - Balduin feat. J Fitz - Magic Man - (Vocalist/Songwriter) (Balduin Music)

  • 2022 - h.eund / Richard Farrell - Cheap Conections - (Vocalist/Songwriter)

  • 2022 - Richard Farrell / Zephyr Gold: Moon Mother EP (Vocalist/Songwriter) (Artlist Original)

  • 2023 - SRCS/Chris In La Casa / Richard Farrell - Practice Everyday (Vocalist/Songwriter) (MoodFunk Records)

  • 2023 - Richard Farrell: Bathing in Cold Water (Artist/Songwriter/Producer) (Miaow Records)

  • 2023 - Jugo Verde feat. Richard Farrell - Carolina (Artist/Songwriter/Producer)

Selected, Awards And Nominations




Danish Music Awards - Trainman Blues - 3rd album; Live at The Station - nominated, ‘Best Blues Album’

Danish Music Awards - Trainman Blues - 2nd album; Shadows and Shapes - winner, ‘Best Blues Album’ and ‘Best Live Band

Danish Music Awards - Trainman Blues - debut album; Trainman Blues - winner, ‘Best Blues Album’


Richard Farrell, Rørvig Strand, fotograf Rosamai Liliet
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