Richard Farrell

Hailing from Dublin Ireland, Richard Farrell is an award winning singer, songwriter and producer.
An intuitive, thoughtful and soulful musician, the sensitive kind.... 
Richard lives in Copenhagen honing his craft writing music under his own name, Trainman Blues, J Fitz and his new upcoming project, KettleFish.


Taking the nectar from soul, blues, latin, folk and  electronic music, this sleek modern musician has no qualms with delving into different styles and genres. He stewed his magic to create his debut album 'Lights at Sea' with his band Richard Farrell and The Last Tribe in 2012. A travelling man, Richard has journeyed from New Orleans to Havana, Cuba to Colombia, he has mixed around with the locals to discover the simple nature of their passion for music and to learn and absorb their different musical styles and cultures. He is curious individual, all types of music, cultures and people brings life to his soul.


The blues has always been at the forefront of his life, he started his musical career with blues/soul band History of Harry at the tender age of 16, this has now morphed into a chicago/swamp blues band called The Cat Burglars.  After moving to Denmark in 2015, he collaborated with Danish producer Laust Krudtmejer Nielsen to create Trainman Blues. After writing and recording their debut album in 2016/17, they released their debut album in 2018 which subsequently won a Danish Music Award for best Blues Album the same year. Trainman Blues are currently writing and recording their 2nd album and plan to release it in early 2021.


Richard is collaborating with a range of different artists, producers and songwriters from all over the world. Using his own name and his alias J Fitz he collaborated on some songs which have millions of hits on youtube and spotify. ‘This is War’ with Matthew Raetzel and ‘Blue Sky’ with Liu and The Fish House have received huge attention online. ‘Blue Sky’ was signed and published under Universal Music and ‘This is war’ has raked over 5 million views on youtube. 


In the pipes, and soon to be released is his new project KettleFish which combines electronic,soul, house and world music… Keep your feelers out, it will land in the not too distant future…


If you are interested in working with Richard you can contact him: